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Industrial Sandblaster

Industrial sandblaster jobs can be found in construction sites and other industrial sites. Like any other jobs in the construction industry, an industrial sandblasting job requires applicants to have strong stamina, because the job may involve intense physical activities. Excellent compensation is given to those who are qualified for this job. The benefits may depend on the applicants' work experiences and skills. This job can also offer those who are qualified more job advancement opportunities in the future.

Duties and responsibilities

The industrial sandblaster's task is to finish materials, especially metals. The industrial sandblaster has the task of making the rough surface of the materials used for industrial purposes smooth by using special sandblasting equipment. Some of the industrial materials that the sandblaster has to deal with are structural steel, pressure vessels, and stone walls among others. It is the responsibility of the sandblaster to take necessary measure in order to protect himself or herself from health risks posed by chemicals and other elements in the work place.

Skills and training required

In order to be qualified for the position, applicants should be knowledgeable about using the different sandblasting equipment, such as air spray, dead man hand piece, and a diesel-powered compressor. They should also have knowledge on the different substances used in sandblasting. Because of the fast pace in technological development, the industrial sandblaster should have the ability to cope with and adapt to the changing technological machinery and equipment. Some employers prioritize applicants who have five or more years of experience in the industry.